Sunday, 26 December 2010

How 3D movies are made? Can you download and watch them at home?

What is 3D Movie? Can you download and watch them at home?
What is displayed in movie theaters is two slightly disparate images for your two eyes. One of them is visible through a red colored glass and other is visible through a different colored glass (Green or Blue).

But, in the very near future there will be displays in the mass markets that enable 3D viewing without glasses, which are known as Auto-stereoscopic displays. (They are already in the market)

Actually, the new 3d images in theaters are based on polarization, which requires a special screen or projector to view the images. So no, right now you can not watch 3D movies on your computer, unless they are the cheesy red and blue.

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Before the mind moves on to another subject, I did not forget to tweet this idea of reading favourite books via kindle books.  It is difficult to find some favourite titles and authors in the place I live.  Would I pay for shipping charges to bring them here.  Not my way of spending for such things (well, I cant do that, simply).  I wouldnt leave it to my fate, rather go and get freely available kindle books from online and read it from my PC and Blackberry.  Who is going to stop me!  Who is going to stop you, for that matter.

I downloaded Kindle for PC like an honorable gentleman from the  Then started the registration process.  I did that too.  Then I was even ready to buy the kindle books to start with.  I couldnt, because the honorable website wouldn't let me buy books for reasons I do not know.  I was surprised, but not disappointed.  On the other hand I was encouraged to look for free kindle books.  There are hundreds of them.  It took faction of a second to embrace the most popular website  It took hardly a minute to find the right author and the right book for me.  In the next minute, I was already on the second chapter of the book.

I am elated with my own research and I was successful too.  I know the operation now.  The information must flow and follow.  I have promised my daughter the complete collection of one author's book.  I have to hurry.  Please share if you have interesting ways to find the books and reading materials.  Thank you.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Million Dollar Question !

What I am seeking to do! Very simple in thinking, but as I am aware, very difficult to achieve.  Nevertheless, I must initiate it. I have felt the need for it. So it could be possible with this kind of networking.  I have seen in the majority of the people around me the need for it.  So what is it?  Education man, Education !  But not at the cost of a fortune.  So the subject here is actually not just "Education" but the "Cost of Education".  What could be done on this?  This is literally the million dollar question that I would like explore, dissect it and lay them in pieces to examine closely.  I am equally anxious to find other like minded people in this effort.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Why Wikileaks continue to grab world attention?

I saw other day in a newspaper Wikileaks supports coming openly on the streets voicing support to Julian Assange, its founder now in London jail.  Master Card, Amazon dot com, Paypal have been under siege for some time, giving dangerous signals to the public in general.  Whatever Assange was advocating, the Cyber attack clearly brings into the public focus how Cyber geeks could play havoc to the public system.  Well such attacks are something new and how they are carried out in Anonymity.  However, if this becomes one day so rampant, then Cyber techies going to rule the world.

The affected Governments and countries following Wikileaks disclosure will have to deal with their own system to protect their interest as Media around the world is going to adopt to the Wikileak style of operation.  I have already seen the changes taking place while watching a documentary in BBC news channel on a topic of corruption. Certain individuals were openly narrating about their experiences on giving and taking bribe.  Stories of giving bribe is as old as humanity itself, but somehone narrating with casual abandon how he used to take bribe is something new.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Is Wikileaks already another Napster!

What Wikileaks made recently is not just a sensational news.  It was sensational to the highest degree, but there is something more than what is visible superficially.  Just recall the ripples made by NAPSTER who showed the rest of world what is P2P sharing is and how the world caught on to the concept to freely sharing music and videos.

Time magazine called Julian Assange "the Robin Hood of hacking.".  He is the founder and spokesperson for Wikileaks.  WikiLeaks describes itself as “an uncensorable system for untraceable mass document leaking”.  He released 90,000 classified U.S. military records from the war in Afghanistan. He seems to say "total transparency is for the good of all people". A populist statement to the highest degree, without doubt.  Journalists all over may be delighted at the enormous successs in leaking highly classified news.  However, the fact remains that these documents are obtained not legally.  Widespread hacking operations were involved in obtaining the documents.  Such activities received a kind of nod from the public.

Julian Assange is hunted.  He is a shadowy figure and world knows little about his life: At least now. Nevertheless he created history and possibly showed the way to others.  Hundreds of Assanges will spring in a short while as they should be.  Secrets wouldnt be secrets anymore.  Secrecy needs to be redifined, or rather confidentiality need to be redifined, at least for the Governments and politicians. 

It is understood Wikileaks servers are located at many countries and the location is carefully chosen to operate with some kine of legality.  Let's watch what would be the next move from him.


Friday, 3 December 2010

Blackberry Torch - Solid feel and performance

After much homework, bought Blackberry Torch.  The gadget performs quite well.  Touch to the core plus the BB masterpiece Qwerty keyboard.  5 MP camera is the best.  All is well but it doesnt end well.  The Battery is a disappointment. It worries you.  You bought a gadget with much anticipation, but the object did not work for a full day, then what! But the worry gradually melted away as the device started to last longer (this is probably because the battery started to recharge after full discharge, something a battery should be doing for a healthy lifecycle).


Keep thinking

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed. - Albert Einstein

A very positive statement to start with.

Sharing my experience with fellow bloggers and anyone who may come across this blog is my wish.  I am believe it is going to be a very interesting experience as there is no limit to the power of sharing to information and knowledge.  

Talking about sharing knowledge, I always think of finding information for the benefit of students, including how to source those information that can assist or supplement students' knowledge base.

Finding useful softwares is one of insatiable passion.  I look forward to share my experience of indulging in this most interesting exercise.